Latest update: April 27, 2017

New and exciting products at the O-Store for the 2017 season!  

New! Str8 Compass and Magnifier

Thanks to a customer inquiry, the O-Store now offers a new compass from a new company in Finland, designed by orienteers, for orienteers.  The Str8 compass comes with a left or right handed option.  Also available is a Str8 magnifier, specially designed to accompany the Str8 compass.  

New this Spring!  Orienteering Reference Guides 

The O-Store has created 6 full pages of orienteering reference guide for orienteers, clubs, schools, cadets, junior and adult beginner programmes - well, in fact, for anyone who is interested!  An easy to follow guide to map legends, control descriptions, orienteering courses. See sample pictures in the right sidebar.  Purchase on waterproof paper or laminated in plastic, or download for free, courtesy of the O-Store!

Colour-Blind-Friendly O-Flags

We have recently received our first shipment of orienteering flags with a diagonal blue stripe - especially coveted by colour blind orienteers.  These new flags sell at the same price as our regular flags.  They can be purchased individually or in sets of 10.


The "Ekens Lupp" Magnifying Lens

The O-Store is happy to now be able to offer two alternatives for a magnifying lens for your compass.  A new product, designed and produced by elite Swedish orienteer, Johan Ek-Larsson fits with your compass, independent of the compass brand.  

The O-Store has a new phone number

After far too many wrong numbers (more wrong, than right!) the O-Store has a new phone number.  1-844-967-8673.  Or, if you prefer letters to numbers, that's 1-844-9-OSTORE.

Looking for something you don't see on our website?

We are always trying to improve our selection for orienteers, adventure racers, organizers, coaches and teachers.  Give us a call or e-mail us any time.  You can reach us at 1-844-967-8673 (1-844-9-OSTORE) or at any of anne, jeff or erict @ 

We operate the O-Store from our home in Ottawa, Ontario.